Where to Buy Gods Unchained Cards

The Genesis Set is currently being sold as a prelaunch promotion for the Gods Unchained trading card game. Cards can be purchased with Ethereum on the Gods Unchained website or with a credit card through the Nifty Gateway.

Calculating the intended retail price (Base Price)

The Gods Unchained sales page offers 4 different presale packs: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Please see our buyers guide for advice about which packs offer the best value.

It’s not currently possible to purchase a single common plain trading card for Gods Unchained. We therefore have to infer its intended value by breaking down the price of a 5-card pack. The Rare Packs are the least expensive and most commonly purchased so we use their retail price to find that of a plain common card. Rare Packs currently cost 0.012 ETH. They contain 4 cards of common-or-better rarity and 1 card of rare-or-better rarity.

The population of a Gods Unchained trading card set constantly changes, either through retail sales of an active set or through a process called forging that allows players to create a higher-quality card from 5 identical lower-quality cards. We therefore use a dynamic pricing model to find the price of a plain common trading card at any given time.

If we do some statistical math on a Rare Pack that is being sold for 0.012 ETH, we can find that the current price for each of the four common-or-better cards is about 0.0016 ETH while the rare-or-better card is about 0.0056 ETH.

If we proceed with the assumption that the average price of a card of common or better rarity is about 0.0016 ETH, we can use the percentage of plain common cards (about 67%) to calculate that their base price would be just under 0.0011 ETH.

Calculating the Rarity Modifier

If all packs were being sold as completely random draws, the current rarity and purity percentages would probably be very close to the published ones. In order to raise funds, the game creators are offering packs with guaranteed levels of rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the price.

The irony is that the forced population glut of rare cards is actually driving their market value downward. On the other hand, there is a slight shortage of common cards that is acting to drive their market value upward.

We compensate for this by introducing a rarity modifier that will adjust the price upward or downward with a particular card’s population variance. It simply takes the expected count (calculated from the current distribution of rareness attributes) and divides it by the current count (expected count / current count). This gives us a multiplier that can be applied to the base price (moving it upward or downward) to give us a fair market value.

Calculating the Market Value

Market value is simply taking the Base Price and multiplying it by the Rarity Modifier. If the calculated market value for a shadow, gold, or diamond card is more than 5 times that of the card quality below it, then the market value will be assigned the 5x value. This gives us a good starting point for deciding on the actual price at which we’re willing to buy or sell a particular card.

Ultimately, the prices for trading cards will vary based on many intangibles such as their artwork and their utility in the game. The intent of our pricing guide is simply to give you a starting point for an enjoyable trading experience.