Where to Buy Gods Unchained Cards

The Genesis Set is currently being sold as a prelaunch promotion for the Gods Unchained trading card game. Cards can be purchased with Ethereum on the Gods Unchained website or with a credit card through the Nifty Gateway. Use the guide below to help you determine which packs to buy.

Genesis Set Rare Packs - GOOD DEAL

Rare packs sell for 0.012 ETH, which equates to about 1.00 USD per pack. That’s a good price when compared to 5-card packs from other trading card games, but that obviously depends upon the value of ethereum (about 200 USD at the time of this writing) at the time you buy.

Cost per common+ card: 0.0016 ETH
Cost of rare+ card: 0.0056 ETH

Genesis Set Epic Packs - BAD DEAL

The only difference between Rare packs and Epic packs is that 1 card is guaranteed to be of epic or better rarity rather than rare or better.

From a statistical standpoint, the opportunity cost for drawing an epic card or better should be about 6 times (6.1111) higher than for rare or better cards. Based on the Rare Pack above, the cost for an Epic pack should be around 0.038 ETH:

Cost per common+ card: 0.0016 ETH
Cost per epic+ card: 0.0350 ETH

Unfortunately, it currently works out to this:

Cost per common+ card: 0.0040 ETH
Cost of epic+ card: 0.0590 ETH

That’s a classic example of a BAD DEAL. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much math to figure that out at a basic level so people haven’t been buying these packs. As a result, the epic card population has experienced very little inflation.

Genesis Set Legendary Packs - BUY WITH CAUTION

The Legendary Packs weren’t designed to be a bad deal like the epic packs above, they just became one over time.

There was an initial presale promotion that included a World Championship Tournament entry ticket with the first 20,000 Legendary packs that were sold. Those sold out and now we have a glut of legendary cards.

Most of the legendary plain cards have gone from a base price of nearly 0.155 ETH to about 0.027 ETH. That’s a depreciation of almost 600%!

For that reason, Legendary packs are now a bad deal.

HOWEVER, there may come a time when you NEED legendary cards to complete your Genesis set. The only real option at that point is to start buying legendary packs. That’s the only time you should so.

Here’s the price breakdown for the set:

Cost per common+ card: 0.0028 ETH
Cost of rare+ card: 0.0097 ETH
Cost of legendary card: 0.0940 ETH

Genesis Set Shiny Legendary Packs - BAD DEAL

This was originally a very good deal. People paid 1 ETH for a card that at a minimum (legendary shadow) would have been worth 2.907 ETH. Currently, legendary shadow cards (which you’re 75% likely to get) are likely to be worth only a fraction of that – about 0.300 ETH.

However, you’ll have a MUCH better chance to get a legendary gold card (about 25%). Most have an estimated value of around 1.0 ETH. If you’re trying to build a gold deck, Legendary Shiny Packs would be well worth considering if you’ve got the funds to make that 1-in-4 chance worthwhile.

Be aware that buying Legendary Shiny Packs WILL NOT help you get legendary diamond cards. Your probability of getting one of those will still be a mere 0.2%. You’d be better off using your ethereum to buy as many Rare Packs as you can. Your odds of getting a legendary diamond will still be 0.2% and you’ll have about 83 times the opportunity per ETH.

Here’s the price breakdown for the set:

Cost per common+ card: 0.0018 ETH
Cost of rare+ card: 0.0064 ETH
Cost of shiny legendary card: 0.9882 ETH